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회원가입 안내

1. Can I pre-order the items that are currently out of stock?


 - You can place a pre-order for the out of stock items. To place a pre-order, please contact using messenger on the website.

2. Why is the item price on my invoice different from the one on the website now?


  - Price on the invoice reflects the exchange rate on the order date.

3. Can I cancel or change my order after submission?


  - You may cancel or make any changes in your order within 3 days after the submission. After we start packing your order, you CANNOT cancel or modify anything in the order.

4. What is Box Qty?


  - Box Quantity(Box qty) indicates the number of a product packed in a manufacturer's box. The Box Quantity shown on the website is reference only.

5. How long does it take to process my order?


- After ther order submission, your sales representative will contact you within 1-3 business days to confirm your order. After confirming the proforma invoice, we will start packing upon the receipt of your payment.

주문 안내

1. How much is the shipping cost?


- It depends on the country where the package is shipped to and what forwarder you will be using. We'll connect you with our CCB for more information.

2. Can you put my order on hold for a while?


- Confirmed orders must be shipped within 2 weeks. Otherwise, the orders will be cancelled without notice and pre-paid amount will be credited to your account for future purchases.

3. Do you deal with the import customs clearance?


- Customers are required to check the import customs policy of their countries before proceeding with their orders. However, if you have any questions, please ask us by messenger on the website.

4. I have made my payment. When can you ship my order?


- International Funds Transfer may take 1-2 days. Once your payment comes through, we will be able to arrange the date for the shipment.

5. Where do you ship orders from?


- Our warehouse is located in Republic of Korea, and we ship orders worldwide.


1. Why do the prices change every day?


- Price shown on the website fluctuates according to the current currency exchange rates.

2. Can I pay with KRW?

   - Unfortunately, we only accept USD at the moment.

3. How do I make the payment?


- You may use Bank Transfer only. The account is written on the bottom of the website.


  • 배송 방법 : 택배
  • 배송 지역 : 전국지역
  • 배송 비용 : 조건부 무료 : 주문 금액 30,000원 미만일 때 배송비 3,000원을 추가합니다.
  • 배송 기간 : 2일 ~ 3일
  • 배송 안내 :

    1. I received a defective item. Can I get a refund or a replacement?


    - In case of receiving defective goods, please take photos or videos of the items and contact us immediately. We will review the report and help you proceed with the claim.


    - If damage/theft occurred in transit, you must inform your nominated forwarder to file a claim as we will not hold responsible for the issues that take place during shipment.


    - If you received faulty products, we will report to the suppliers/manufacturers and help you file a claim.


    - Please do not dispose the items until further notice.


    - Please take as many photos as possible to expedite the process.

    2. What is your refund policy?


    - If you want to get refund, contact us. We'll consider currency and give you an answer in 1-3 business day.


1. How long does it take Cosmetica Korea to restock items?


- It normally takes approximately 1-2 weeks, however, lead time may vary depending on brands.

2. Can I order items that are not listed on Cosmetica Korea?


- You can request new items that are currently not on Cosmetica Korea. However, please note that the requests may not be accepted due to stock availability at our suppliers or other circumstances.


환불시 반품 확인여부를 확인한 후 3영업일 이내에 결제 금액을 환불해 드립니다.
신용카드로 결제하신 경우는 신용카드 승인을 취소하여 결제 대금이 청구되지 않게 합니다.
(단, 신용카드 결제일자에 맞추어 대금이 청구 될수 있으면 이경우 익월 신용카드 대금청구시 카드사에서 환급처리


주문으로 발생한 적립금은 배송완료 체크시점으로 부터 20일이 지나야 실제 사용 가능 적립금으로 변환됩니다. 20일 동안은 미가용 적립금으로 분류 됩니다. 미가용 적립금은 반품, 구매취소 등을 대비한 실질적인 구입이 되지 않은 주문의 적립금 입니다.
사용가능한 적립금(총 적립금-사용된적립금-미가용적립금)은 상품구매시 즉시 사용하실 수 있습니다.

적립금사용시 최소구매가능적립금(구매가능한 적립금 요구선)은 0원 입니다. 적립금 사용시 최대구매가능적립금(적립금 1회 사용 가능 최대금액)은 20% 입니다.

주문취소/환불시에 상품구매로 적립된 적립금은 함께 취소됩니다. 회원 탈퇴시에는 적립금은 자동적으로 소멸됩니다. 최종 적립금 발생일로부터 3년 동안 추가적립금 누적이 없을 경우에도 적립금은 소멸됩니다.